Streamlining Workflows in Design Visualization

Streamlining Workflows in Design Visualization

19th January 2022

 2pm – 3pm | TH, ID, VN

With its remote collaboration capabilities, Shotgrid has proved to be instrumental in keeping teams connected across projects and giving companies the ability to handle complex projects. All of which require companies to have multiple deliverables to be presented all at 
the same time.

Register today and learn how ShotGrid can help streamline both the internal and client review processes. Help keep track of your assets easily from 3d models to Photoshop files. Review and approval, creative collaboration, and project insights all tied into one single source of truth.

  During this session you will:

  •  Shotgrid in a Design Visualization Workflow
  • Experience the benefits of ShotGrid remote collaboration capabilities
  • Complete a pre-arranged series of steps in integrating ShotGrid into your production workflow 

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Meet our Speaker

Siddharth Bolurker

Senior Technical Specialist, Autodesk

Siddharth brings over 15 years of experience of working in the animation industry with prestigious studios and software development teams. As a Senior Technical Specialist, he is responsible for evangelizing and helping studios adopt and empower themselves with cutting edge Autodesk Media and Entertainment solutions.


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